About SalesLogistix Corporation

Certified Sales Cloud ConsultantsSalesLogistix is a CRM consulting firm that specializes in streamlining the business processes that support revenue and customer-facing operations.  Our engagements eliminate "make work" steps, to shorten your sales cycles.  We get your people wanting to use the SFA system because it makes their own jobs easier.  And user adoption means better leverage for everyone in your organization.

What makes SalesLogistix different?

  • We're management consultants first, CRM implementers second.
  • Certified ConsultantsWe make sure you're getting the right system, aligned with the optimum business processes, before we build anything out for you.
  • We've got years of domain expertise as operating executives, and we know how to get business results fast.
Find out how to work with SalesLogistix

Certified Consultants We've helped over 125 clients in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Israel, and India.  In software, financial services, telecom, media, and medical equipment industries.  Our client relationships start small, but last 3 years or more. 

Consequently, our client ratings are among the highest in SFDC's customer satisfaction ranking system -- 5 stars out of 5.  For a period of three years, we were ranked as the
#1 customer satisfaction of all the SFDC consulting partners
in the entire world.

Certified ConsultantsSalesLogistix staff have been Vice Presidents of Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, and Business Development, with 20+ years of industry experience. Our staff gives you guidance based on hands-on experience from operating roles in high-growth public companies. 

SalesLogistix consultants provide both domain knowledge (from lead cultivation to pipeline management to customer service) and implementation skills (from data cleansing to coding to system integration). Because of our expertise, we deliver the best value in consulting.

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