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What makes us different Secrets of Success

SalesLogistix is an SFA/CRM consulting firm that helps clients maximize revenue generation from their Sales, Channel, eCommerce, and support organizations.  With clients ranging from 10 to 200 direct sales people, SalesLogistix has implemented and extended systems in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

Anybody can help you install a system.  And they'll get it wrong. You might not notice it for the first few months, but the Sales reps won't use the system because it wastes their time. They can't find key information about deals in progress.  Leads get lost, and there are duplicates. And every time you run a forecast, somebody in your organization wastes 6 hours or more messing around with spreadsheets.

Why are the majority of SFA and CRM systems deployments failures?

It's equal parts technology and people issues.  Sometimes the data you need isn't there.  Sometimes people aren't doing the right things.  But no matter what the cause, the result is a failure of your company's most expensive business process:  revenue generation.

SalesLogistix was founded to make revenue generation -- all the supporting marketing, sales, support, operations, and management elements -- into a clean, effective, powerful business process.  

There's simply no reason why your people should be fighting their CRM system.  Its whole purpose is to enable, not get in the way.

Let us show you how the dream of real-time sales management can come true.  Push-button forecasts.  Closed-loop marketing.  Support and professional services as your "early warning system" to capture upsells.  Metrics that actually mean something -- to every level of the Sales, Marketing, and Support organization, not just the boss.

That's why we're here.  We've done it for dozens of customers.

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