Values and Business Practices

SalesLogistix was established to make you successful.  We bring a wealth of Sales, Marketing, Support, Finance, and Executive experience to every engagement, because our value is that we've been in your shoes, we know what you'll need, and we can help you with business processes.  We aren't just here to do another "cookie-cutter" Salesforce system.  Because we know that that would fail -- for you and for us.

A typical engagement starts with a fixed-price assessment of your revenue generation business process: the people, the policies, and the CRM system. The engagement involves more than 300 questions, plus in-depth analysis of your databases and external systems. After days of analysis, we present our findings and recommended process and system improvements.  Because we want you to make an informed choice at every stage of the project, we give you a spreadsheet with sufficient detail for you to do the tasks yourself, or hire another consultant to do the work.  

The vast majority of our clients have us do most of the work, because they can't find anyone else with the depth and breadth of business process knowledge. Not even from the SFA vendors themselves.

The engagement continues with a phased implementation, with stages "gated" by required interfaces to your non-SFA systems, data cleansing, policy decisions by your executives, and user training.  Each task is "time boxed" and managed with its own deliverables.  Most of the time, SalesLogistix works on your operational system to minimize business disruption, and to provide users with frequent incremental and visible improvements.  

Typically, the client appoints a project manager with whom we have regular project status reviews.  As engagements usually have dozens of sub-tasks and deliverables, each of them is bid as a "time and materials" effort with an expected "cap."  We work with your project manager to keep tasks on schedule, prevent "scope creep," and stay within your budget.

When external systems need to be modified, SalesLogistix gets involved only to the extent needed for a successful implementation.  Typically, there is no contractual relationship between us and other vendors.

SalesLogistix typically does 30% of the work on site and the remainder in cyberspace.  Every engagement involves at least one of our principals extensively, but we use associates to keep your costs to a minimum.  

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