Client Quotes

These quotes were entered by customers in the AppExchance vendor review area.  The reviews were 100% five stars, the highest possible rating.


I'd rather have one hour of your time than ten hours with our guys in India.
-- General Electric


Truly one of the best partners we have worked with over my firm's 11 years.

We first used the Saleslogistix team three years ago when deploying our SFDC system. They listened to our needs, came up with elegant ways to make the product work for our business and were super fast and easy to work with. We have been extremely pleased with the results. We recently had some new ideas as to how we might use the system and brought Salelogistix back. They again solved all our questions quickly and effectively. They work day or night, weekends, whenever you need them. Most of the communication after our original sit-down session was done via e-mail which made everything very efficient with our busy schedule. I'd hire them again anytime.    -- Meritech Ventures


On schedule and on budget are only the beginning

The SalesLogistix guys are not only incredibly knowledgeable about Salesforce but also about our business (private equity), which is a powerful combination that let us get up to speed very quickly. They're easy to work with and definitely delivered value to our business. -- Altamont Capital, Dec 2010

I love this tool!  And thank you so much for you help!  The reports you are able to write are really making it a powerful system for us.  I really appreciate it,   -- Altamont Capital, Feb 2011


They continue to provide help and support long after the engagement is complete.

The SalesLogistix guys are always available, responsive, and more importantly responsible. They solve problems, they never waste our time, and they don't try to upsell us. Even though we're not a big client, but their service and integrity are top notch. -- El Dorado Ventures, Oct 2010


Excellent work to redo and improve our SFDC implementation

We brought in the SalesLogistix team to help us work through some Marketo and lead management issues and to simplify and streamline our overall sales and marketing automation process. They listened carefully to our needs, gave us guidance on best practices, and then implemented the needed changes at a very reasonable price. The revisions and data cleanup were totally non-intrusive to us because they worked over nights and weekends. They're easygoing but they know what they're doing and execute well. They came in under budget on both phases of our work. This is the second company at which I have used SalesLogistix and I recommend them with enthusiasm.  -- Schooner Information Technology, Sept 2010


Hard workers, always deliver

We first brought in SalesLogistix to help us think through business processes that weren't working right in SFDC, and we've used them on a series of implementation projects over the last couple of years. They go out of their way to understand our business, suggest alternatives, and come up with creative (and in some cases quite inexpensive) solutions to problems we had. They build out systems, clean data, write code. Reliable, flexible, always find a way to get the job done for us. Sometimes, they've delivered stuff faster than we've been able to use it. -- TCV, Aug 2010


Very knowledgeable and kind to boot!

David helped us out of a huge bind last week with Salesforce. He is always patient on the phone and knows Salesforce inside and out. Just tell him your problem and he'll have you sorted out in no time. Loads better than Salesforce customer support! Very glad to have him as a consultant. -- Spigit Technology, Aug 2010


Saleslogistix - Fast, Reliable, and Effective

SalesLogistix proved to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled with Salesforce. Through his expertise, he was able to advise us on the most efficient and cost-effective route to take in customizing Salesforce. His answers were always honest and upfront. Through David we really learned a lot about the features inherent in Salesforce. SalesLogistix was able to implement any changes very quickly. Overall, we had a great experience and if the opportunity arises, we would be happy to work with SalesLogistix again. -- YBR, July 2010


Amazing combination of business and technical skills

Faced with a salesforce system that had sprouted complexity in all directions and had poor data quality and low adoption, it seemed like everything needed fixing at once. SalesLogistix brought just the combination of expertise I needed to sort things out. David Taber combines expert knowledge of sales and marketing with an understanding of the politics of business change. All this is backed up with a deep knowledge of Salesforce technologies and wide experience of implementations.

They are amazingly available, responsive, and transparent, delivering exactly what we agreed on. Every time. I recommend them without reservation. -- Canonical / Ubuntu, July 2010


Solid experience with SalesLogistix

SalesLogistix helped us migrate from an old XML-based deal tracking wiki to a modern Salesforce implementation. Salesforce has some unqiue requirements and architecture under the hood, and David Taber appears to know all the details. If you ask for a feature, he will give a quick high-level "possible vs. difficult/expensive vs. impossible" analysis and can drill into details if needed. His solid knowledge of VC and private equity operations and requirements are a real asset.

They came in on time and under budget, and they never promised something and not delivered. -- Redpoint Ventures, July 2010


SalesLogistix Gets High Marks

We purchased Salesforce in Spring of 2010 and hired SalesLogistix to do our implementation. David Taber was very knowledgeable, thorough and always responsive in a timely manner when we had questions. I would definitely recommend Saleslogistix!  -- CMEA, July 2010


A review of SalesLogistix

Our Firm has been using SalesLogistix for a few years now but I only recently had interaction with the Company. Our recent project was completed on schedule and within the budget initially outlined. David Taber was great-our discussions and meetings were succinct and productive. He was always well prepared. He knows the product extremely well. We enjoyed our experience with SalesLogistix and will continue to use them. -- Sierra, July 2010


Professional Organization - Excellent Support

We have partnered with SalesLogistix since 2005 in order to enhance our capabilities. Dave Korba and David Taber have always been extremely professional, thorough, and supportive of our business. They provide keen insight into best-of-breed processes which has enabled us to automate numerous aspects of our business. 

SalesLogistix are more than consultants, they are part of the team. They understand our business needs and in many instances proactively provide recommendations. Hightly recommend SalesLogistix. -- BigFix, July 2010


Perfect blend of business and technical expertise

We’ve been working with SalesLogistix since 2006 and have had only a good experience with them. It’s rare to find consultants with so much expertise, that can offer such excellent technical AND business support. Using their deep knowledge of Salesforce, APEX and Visual Force, and their past business experience as top sales and marketing executives, they’ve helped us re-implement Salesforce and improve it on an ongoing basis. All of their projects were executed on time, with top quality, and according to the estimated budget. We are very happy customers.  -- Zend Technologies, June 2010


A review of SalesLogistix

Dave Taber and SalesLogistix are definitely 5 star quality. SalesLogistix knew SalesForce inside out and managed to write an app that did what we wanted it to do even though we did not exactly know what we wanted it to do on day one. They then hung in there with us through endless modifications and meetings; showing incredible patience while offering sound advice and guidance.

Most importantly; they were willing to put in the time and effort to bring us in on time and on budget.
We plan on using them again for a phase 2 modification. -- PureSense, June 2010


Good, fast, knowledgable

SalesLogistix was great. They knew our business (venture capital) inside and out, which is exactly what I wanted because I didn't know what I didn't know. Or, to put it another way, I needed to know what we would be hitting 12-18 months done the road.

They knew Salesforce inside and out as well. They clearly communicated what it could and couldn't do, and didn't try to drive higher fees by building exotic automation which wouldn't make a big difference to us.

They initially weren't going to be available until 6 weeks after we first met. But they were able to squeeze us in (our needs were modest) and we were basically all finished in less than 10 days from our first meeting.

Enthusiastically recommended overall. -- Andreessen-Horowitz, Oct 2009


Good Quality Service

SalesLogistix has done an excellent job of simplifying our system. We had an overly complex implementation that was not getting great user acceptance, and so David came in to "fix the system" along with adding some new useful functionality. His knowledge of private equity and VC helps him get up to speed faster than other providers. He is quite expensive on an hourly basis but came well under his estimated time for our
project. -- Serent, Sept 2009

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