Client Scenarios

A US security software company with a direct sales force has having significant problems with their forecast, causing embarrassment with their board.  Forecasts were not following GAAP guidelines.  Every time the company needed to run a forecast, sales operations people would spend hours of time talking with sales reps, massaging data, and preparing spreadsheets.  After we installed our SalesVision product, forecasts took only 3 minutes to prepare -- and all the data was visible to all members of the team.  In addition, sales managers got scorecards and metrics that let them spot troublesome trends before it was too late to solve them.

An international software company with both a direct sales force and extensive eCommerce capabilities had big problems with data duplication and bad data that was causing to be nearly useless.  After analyzing external system data feeds, business processes, and company policies, we determined more than a dozen problems that required rectification.  Through code changes, expanded Salesforce functionality, and business process modifications, SalesLogistix was able to eliminate all the sources of bad data.  We then went through and cleansed the data with tools and database procedures.  After we were done, use of Salesforce went way up because it was now a tool that accelerated people's daily tasks.  For just one individual, we saved a day a week of wasteful manual activity.

A foreign-based medical products company with a large North American sales force came to us because their existing CRM system was not used, and was actually getting in the way of Sales improvement.  After a quick deep-dive analysis, SalesLogistix identified the 15 things that would need to be done to make the existing CRM system usable, and presented the alternative of converting to  The client chose conversion, and the entire system was converted -- with more functionality and dramatically better performance -- in 3 calendar weeks.

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