CRM and Business Process Assessment Secrets of Success

SalesLogistix begins every engagement with a fixed-price assessment where we get to know you and your CRM issues.  We look for ways to improve leverage, collaboration, and profitability, while lowering inter-departmental conflict.  We examine the system, the users, your usage patterns, the external interfaces, and your supporting business processes.  We score your company according to our proprietary SFA Maturity Model™, using in-depth interviews with:

  • Sales Reps and Sales Management
  • Sales Operations / Order Processing
  • Lead generation / Marketing programs
  • Customer service and support
  • Product marketing / management
  • Financial analysts / forecasters
  • IT / Security administrators
  • Executive staff

In parallel we analyze your SFA / CRM database, looking for:

  • Data duplication
  • Data contamination
  • Lost / disconnected data
  • Irrelevant data, excessively cluttered forms, obsolete reports
  • Mismatches between your data model and your business process requirements
  • Security issues
  • Scalability / performance issues
  • External integration problems

From these inquiries, SalesLogistix produces a management summary with a phased set of recommendations based on executive decision drivers.  We help you make the business case, with costs and benefits quantified over three quarters or more. We also produce a detailed spreadsheet itemizing improvements to your system, external interfaces/systems, and business processes.  The recommendations spreadsheet includes cost estimates (including time from your staff) for each task, which helps you prioritize and sequence the project elements you want done.  Many clients do some of the tasks themselves, using SalesLogistix in the most leveraged and cost effective manner on their highest priority improvement items.

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