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Forensic Expert Witness:  David TaberSalesLogistix is a consulting firm focused on systems.  David Taber, CEO of the firm, provides independent expert witness research, forensic analysis, reports, depositions, and testimony for arbitrations and state / federal court proceedings.Certified Consultants

Use his experience to help your side win in matters involving earn-outs, patent/IP damages, custom software projects, sales & marketing commercial standards, and related issues.

Mr. Taber's business expertise is based on VP-level experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at publicly-traded companies, plus direct experience with 9 mergers, acquisitions, and corporate integrations. He has serious domain knowledge in the Cloud, software and IT industries.  30 years' worth.

As an employee and a consultant, he has worked closely with more than 100 different sales forces, from 5 to 5,000 reps worldwide.  These sales teams have spanned direct sales, telesales, partner sales, distribution channels, and eCommerce, handling transaction sizes ranging from $200 to over $400,000 each.  He has worked directly with product development, advertising, PR, branding, and design firms.  UC Berkeley Haas School of Business facultyHe has personally helped design sales territories and compensation systems, telesales functions, pipeline management, web commerce, commission systems, order processing, sales-support processes, and customer-support processes. 

Mr. Taber has personally implemented and optimized over 125 systems on 3 continents.  And he wrote the book — literally — on best practices for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems published by Prentice Hall (with a second edition in 2013).  And he's written nearly 200 articles for, the go-to journal for Information Technology managers.  So when it comes to disputes over custom software projects, he speaks with authority.

Using proprietary analytical tools and following the FEWA code of ethics, Mr. Taber has unique credibility as an analyst and on the stand.  His forensic techniques identify key sales pipeline data that management (and the opposing party) may have totally missed.  His thorough reports, clean depositions, and expert witness testimony can help settle earn-out disputes, contention over "best efforts" clauses, exclusivity criteria, agency level-of-service standards, implementation projects, and other classic sales, marketing, channel, and corporate integration issues. 

Mr. Taber's expert work is evenly split between plaintiff and defense engagements.  Engagements have included state and federal venues, including a class action suit with over $100M at stake and a patent infringement case involving over $700M in potential damages.

Example Results

In one recent arbitration case with over $25 M at stake that had been running for over 3 years, the opposition settled their case within 48 hours of receiving David Taber's expert report.  The other side didn't even go forward deposing him:  they knew their case was demolished.

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