Marketing & Lead Nurturing Best Practices


SalesLogistix provides consulting services to help your marketing team maximize effectiveness, minimize waste, and improve business yield from every lead.  Our clients report dramatic improvements in ROI and visibility, thanks to improved processes and rapid user adoption.

Here's a checklist of marketing best practices.  Score yourself to see how more effective your Marketing team can be:

Lead Distribution Timing
  • Do Marketing and Sales jointly design/select programs and outbound activities?
  • Are all outbound activities handled as campaigns, with separate landing pages, cost per lead, and revenue per campaign?
  • Are your Google/Yahoo campaigns highly targeted, with dozens of ads?  Do you monitor conversion ratios and cost per conversion online?
  • Do you have an automatic follow up system to make sure that each and every lead is attended to within 24 hours?
  • Do you have a systematic lead cultivation and remarketing process?
  • Are you processing customer "unsubscribes" to prevent future mails going out to them?  This is a $10,000 per incident problem... read on.
  • Do all marketing and sales personnel use the same metrics and terminology for lead development and pipeline?
  • Does everyone use the same qualification and conversion criteria?
  • Does your web site have page path analysis tools to optimize content, conversion?
  • Does Product Marketing have the tools and data they need to design an effective upgrade campaign or on-the-road customer event?

Your inbound and outbound marketing activities should be guided by data, measured by numbers, and work in a coordinated and visible fashion.  Everyone in the field and marketing organization should have access to the same data, so there's a clean decision instead of guessing... or second-guessing.

SalesLogistix brings its customers up to best practices in all these areas.  We've done it for companies from $5M to $400 M in annual revenues, with marketing departments of nearly any size.  

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