Get your team into Revenue Overdrive™

Revenue Overdrive with SalesLogistix

Everyone wants the sales team firing on all cylinders.
Less wasted time, no sputtering on weak deals. 

But even if your reps are running around with their hair on fire, they won't be getting the results you need. 

Think of it this way:  even if you red-line a Ferrari, you're only going 45 mph if you're still in first gear.  And it sure is a noisy ride.  The way to get serious acceleration and power to the wheels is to use all the gears.

This means moving beyond the old reliable sales models.  Harnessing the best that technology, social networking, ecommerce, and channels can bring you.  Increasing leverage. 

Going into revenue overdrive.

SalesLogistix works with you at a higher level:  not just 
improving rep productivity, but getting all your channels working
together.  Inside sales.  Partners.  eCommerce.  Named Account
managers.  Why shouldn't they be working to multiply your growth?

Revenue Overdrive with SalesLogistix

We'll take you through the gears for traction and acceleration:

First — Your direct sales team uses Outlook, Excel, and a simple SFA system like Goldmine, SFDC's Pro Edition or
SalesLogix.  OK for starters, but you need more leverage.

Second — You've moved to a real SFA system for faster hand-offs and rock-solid follow-ups.  We can help you dramatically improve lead quality, making sure the reps are chasing the right deals and have the best possible win ratio. 

Third — You've set up a telesales group to assist the direct team, and an eCommerce system to handle small deals and customer renewals.  We help you go much further by providing dashboards that show you the full picture, alerts for unexpected actions, and worfklows to automate quote approval, deal discounting, and preparation of Ts and Cs.  We screen every deal, while speeding up the hot ones by hours or even days.

Fourth — You're running a partner network that gives you territory reach and sales cost advantages.  We help you define rules of engagement, enforce business policies, and calculate splits and commissions.  Our SFDC modifications give your reps the tools they need, provide partners with self-service portals, and give you the forecasting visibility to lead, not just manage.

Fifth — We help you integrate your order operations, license/warranty, customer support, ERP, and other systems for full 360° visibility into the customer relationship.  Every rep can see the full customer situation, saving time while making you more money.

Sixth — You're harnessing the power of word of mouth, using your customer network to help sell with you.  Tying Facebook, LinkedIN, and other professional networks into SFDC gives your reps unprecedented access to customer credibility...and we can extend that to include your partners' network as well.  Zoom zoom!

SalesLogistix provides fast, deep, cost effective implementations that let you get through the gears rapidly.  We work with your team to improve your business process and SFA / CRM system without interrupting your ongoing business. Take a look in the left column to learn more about what we can do for you.

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