Partner Best Practices

SalesLogistix provides consulting services to help your partner management team maximize effectiveness and improve business yield from every partner lead.  Our clients report dramatic improvements in ROI and visibility, thanks to improved processes and rapid user adoption.

Here's a checklist of Partner best practices.  Score yourself to see how more effective your Partner and Field team can be:

  • Are your sales territories coordinated with partner territories, to avoid confusion?
  • Have you designed your partner and sales incentive systems to avoid channel conflict?
  • Do you have consistent rules of engagement for joint sales?
  • Can you tell which of your accounts are being worked by each partner?  Do you know whether there's deal-poaching going on?
  • Do you flip leads to partners, never to hear from them again?  Can you tell what -- if anything -- a partner has done with the leads you sent them this quarter?
  • Do you have an automated way to track referral fees for partners -- in both directions?
  • Do your partners have access to your SFA / CRM system?  Do you have to trade spreadsheets once a quarter to see what's going on?
  • How do you protect to make sure that partners don't see each other's leads and deals?
  • Can you see the part of the pipeline being worked by your partners?

SalesLogistix brings its customers up to best practices in all these areas.  We've done it for companies with up to 10 active sales partners.  

Managing partners is tricky under the best of circumstances.  Get the  visibility into the partners' activities you need so there's clean decision making, instead of guessing... or second-guessing.

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