Pipeline Best Practices

Pipeline funnel managementPipeline management -- particularly including the forecasting process -- is one of the most frequent problem areas for companies.  Industry analysts have stated that sales reps spend as much as 10 hours a month on pipeline/forecasting issues, and Sales VPs may spend 10 hours a week on this key areas.  Yet the credibility and reliability of the forecast is almost always in question.

Here's a checklist of pipeline management best practices.  Score yourself to see how more effective your field and management team can be:

  • Are all leads and contact info in the SFA / CRM system?
  • Are any records deleted by users?
  • Do ISRs use the SFA / CRM system “for every call”
  • Does “everyone” knows how to enter a deal, run a report?
  • Can your sales administrator add a custom field or define a new report for themselves?
  • Is qualification and lead routing baked into the SFA / CRM system?
  • Is your SFA / CRM system directly fed Lead information from your web site's registration pages?
  • Do you have automatic de-duping of records in place?
  • Are “all” email blasts and campaigns done in conjunction with the SFA / CRM system?
  • Are all sales territories (including overlaps and partners) in the SFA / CRM system?
  • Are all quotas in the system?
  • Are "all” forecasts based only on SFA / CRM system data?
  • Do Reps and SEs see the SFA / CRM system as their key information resource to get their job done and manage time?
  • Are commissions / SPIFs paid only on deals in the SFA / CRM system?

SalesLogistix brings its customers up to best practices in all these areas.  We've done it for companies from 10 to 200 sales reps.  

Managing the pipeline is tricky under the best of circumstances.  Get the pipeline visibility you need so there's a clean decision instead of guessing... or second-guessing.

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