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SalesLogistix engagements typically comprise three key areas:

  • SFA, business process, and organizational assessment, providing strategic direction and specific recommendations.  This stage is typically 10% of the total engagement.
  • Implementation of recommended changes, both in the SFA system and in supporting systems and processes.  This stage typically represents 70% of the total engagement.
  • Ongoing consulting and administrative support for your system, to make sure all the users are productive and happy with the system.  This stage typically represents 20% of the total engagement, but it's at a much lower level of effort (so it may span many months).
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Many SalesLogistix clients keep us engaged over several quarters, to assist with organizational change, policy analysis and implementation, or system extensions that were not within scope of the original project.  Example follow-on projects include:

  • Expansion of the system to include customer support
  • Implementation of Partner portals
  • Implementation of Customer Self-Service portals
  • Implementation of Sites
  • Integration of the system with accounting, order entry, invoicing, and license management systems
  • Replacement of ERP and accounting systems
  • Custom APEX and VisualForce development for improved ease of use and functional extensions
  • Integration with telephony systems

In each of these cases, customers used SalesLogistix as a trusted advisor because we knew their business and system better than many of their employees did.  We saved them time, provided strategic advice on technical and organizational issues, and got the job done on faster and at less expense than the alternative.

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