SFA Extensions

Most SalesLogistix projects are extensions and evolutions of existing systems.  We specialize in improving and streamlining SFDC systems while they are in daily use, so that business is not interrupted yet users see frequent incremental improvements.

By doing things this way, we keep costs to an absolute minimum while improving system usability and corporate confidence.  Find out more about our project management style here.

SFDC extension projects almost always involve business process changes and enhancements to external systems (e.g., ERP, support, or accounting).  These changes are best handled like remodeling a house:  fixing one room at a time, rather than kicking the residents completely out.  By compartmentalizing the changes, we reduce the technical, project, and cost risks on all sides.

Almost inevitably, SFDC extensions require external system integration and data quality improvements.  Although SalesLogistix can do every part of the project on our own, we typically work alongside your other vendors and internal staff (e.g., ERP, security, or IT operations) to execute coordinated technical changes.  

All SalesLogistix projects involve quick training for users and executives to make sure they have the basics under control and are not wasting any time in using the system.  When there are business process changes (for example, changing the way that quotes or licenses are issued), we have more in-depth training to make sure that everyone will execute according to the corporate standard.

Our goal is to make SFDC really support your business process, your sales model, and your real-world needs.  We add unique value here because we understand the end to end revenue generation and customer services processed.  Members of our staff have personally held every role in revenue generation -- from prospecting to lead gen to sales management to bookings to revenue recognition, to customer support and ongoing services.  Our unique depth of domain knowledge -- particularly when you are blending direct sales with partners and eCommerce -- sets us apart.  We apply that knowledge and business feel to make your existing SFDC system sing.

Depending on the size of your sales force and the number of external systems, SalesLogistix extension projects can be completed in as little as 45 days.

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