SFA Implementations

SalesLogistix is a little unorthodox, because we almost never do initial implementations of systems like or SugarCRM.  Many clients do their initial setup themselves, and a range of partner companies can do a "vanilla" SFA / CRM implementation.

Where we focus is in re-implementations:  making your SFA / CRM system really support your business process, your sales model, and your real-world needs.  We add unique value here because we understand the end to end revenue generation process.  Members of our staff have personally held every role in revenue generation -- from prospecting to lead gen to sales to sales management to bookings to revenue recognition and compensation.  Our unique depth of domain knowledge -- particularly for Direct Sales blended with Partners and eCommerce -- sets us apart.  We apply that knowledge and business feel to make your existing SFA system sing.

We also help customers assess whether they should do an SFA / CRM conversion.  We initially provide a vendor-neutral analysis, help executive staff work through the business issues, and help them either fix their existing system or transition seamlessly to their replacement.

All SalesLogistix projects involve quick training for users and executives to make sure they have the basics under control and are not wasting any time in using the system.

Depending on the size of your sales force and the number of external systems, SalesLogistix reimplementation projects can be completed in as little as 45 days.

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