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SalesLogistix moves your cloud CRM from an under-utilized tool to a system that increases revenue productivity.  Sales reps actually want to use the system because it helps them manage the complex sale and close business.  Reps waste less time, and marketing delivers higher quality leads.  Management can actually see the business in real time.  Customer service is much more effective, and happy customers mean increased revenue yield.

SalesLogistix provides clients lasting gains in revenue, management visibility, user adoption, and profitability.  The systems we've worked on are not only more comprehensive -- streamlining more business processes -- but they're also easier to use. 

What's wrong with most SFA / CRM systems today? 
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Project Phases and Service OfferingsSalesLogistix works with clients across a range of industries improving their operational effectiveness through:
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Improved pipeline visibility and forecasting
  • Highly leveraged Partner relationships
  • Automated Lead cultivation and nurturing
  • Marketing and lead gen improvements
  • Call center automation and CSR consoles
  • Customer self-service portals / communities
  • SFDC usability and credibility enhancements
  • Reporting, dashboards, score-cards, and analytics
  • Extensions and integrations that link with corporate and customer-facing applications.   

SalesLogistix provides fast, deep, cost effective implementations of our recommendations. We work with your team to improve your business process and system without interrupting your ongoing business. SalesLogistix professional service offerings include:

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