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11 Point Audit of Your Salesforce SystemMy book, published by Prentice-Hall
For most companies, December was the end of the fiscal year. And for business-critical systems, that meant lockdown for any system enhancements. How should you have spent your copious free time? Here's an audit you should be doing on your SFDC system to get ready for this year's projects.
For a decade, Salesforce.com has been both a business application and a development platform. Now, because of the number of its APIs and available adapters, it's increasingly being used as an integration hub for the cloud. Sounds pretty strategic, doesn't it?
Too often, though, Salesforce.com (SFDC) has been managed as "just an app" and all the development work has been thought of as "just adding a feature," without doing a top-down analysis of the consequences for the rest of IT. 
When my firm is called in to review larger SFDC instance, we often see the proverbial hallway closet, crammed full of stuff that is waiting to fall out...          

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And then there's the data audit...
Here's what I did over my Christmas vacation.
Salesforce.com is increasingly used as the system of record for many aspects of the customer relationship. While this falls under the category of “duh,” too often the data in the system has not been managed as a strategic asset. With every change of leadership in sales, marketing or customer support, there is typically a blurring of semantics. Consequently, the meaning of a “contacted lead” or a “stale opportunity” may depend on when it was entered. So reports trying to compare performance over time can be meaningless, or even outright lies...                               Read More...

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