Board Visibility

This image from, under the terms of their license.It's Sunday night in week 12 of the quarter.  The board is getting nervous, and wants you to really scrub the numbers from last week.  They need to know bookings and GAAP revenue estimates.  They want to see commitments.

How long will it take before you have that forecast?  How many phone conversations will it take?  How many judgment calls will have to be made by your regional directors, VPs and you?  

Most CEOs and boards don't realize it, but preparing an updated "hard commit" forecast may take 10-15 hours of your staff's time.  And when you're done, you've got a forecast with undocumented assumptions and adjustments.  Who knows if the same judgment calls will be made next week.  No way is that SOX compliant.

This is a formula for embarrassment in front of your board.  We know.  We helped bring a very embarrassed management team back to credibility in just 6 weeks.

SalesLogistix principals have been VPs of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.  We have associates who were CFOs.  We know what it takes to make the forecast as bulletproof as possible.    

The visibility you want at the board is all about how tightly you manage, and how well you're executing against plan.  SalesLogistix helps you get that visibility... instead of the negative kind.

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