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The whole point of a CRM system is to make Marketing and Sales more effective and to help them work together.   But for most companies, lead generation has a very spotty yield, and most of the revenue comes from business that reps dig up on their own.

All too often, Marketing cannot see the effect of what they're doing... and they produce leads that Sales can't or won't follow up on.  Leads aren't scored or ranked for quality, and the contact info is incomplete.

SalesLogistix' principals have over 20 years of experience in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Corporate Marketing.  We've lead global marketing organizations, so we know what your marketing team is doing... and what they ought to be doing.

During our rework of the CRM system, we give Marketing Programs people the tools and training they need to generate the right leads, and maximize the business effectiveness (not just the "cost effectiveness") of every campaign they do.  The Marketing Programs people will be able to deliver the high quality leads that shorten the sales cycle and lower the cost of customer acquisition.

Marketing, inside sales, direct reps, and partners will be able to see the lead funnel, and be able to more consistently qualify leads.  By leveraging the CRM as a tool that helps Sales manage time better and makes Marketing more effective, your company will become a learning organization rapidly responding to shifts in the marketplace.

The CRM system also becomes "home base" for managing your web marketing and eCommerce systems.  SalesLogistix excels at consolidating internet marketing assets, and has developed and deployed eCommerce sites and portals serving audiences of more than 500,000.

The CRM system also becomes a key tool for Product Management and Product Marketing.  They can design upgrade offerings and create special promotions for the installed base, because they can easily see and understand the customer records.  They can see market potential for new features, and calibrate product "end of life" processes because they'll understand who owns what and be able to see patterns in support calls.  They can choose what cities are best for corporate events, so you don't end up with a near-empty conference room.  

This is what you bought your CRM system for.  We make the results happen by fixing all the little breakages that get in the way.

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