Partner Visibility

Even in the biggest direct sales organizations, partners are important for lead referral, joint selling, and implementation services.  In the best case, the partners become an important part of the sales process.

So how come the partner's activities aren't visible to you?  Why are your partner managers still producing spreadsheets by hand at the end of the quarter?  Why can't you tell which areas partners are helping you on... or hurting you in?

SalesLogistix creates integrations with partner SFA / CRM systems, and configures extranet and partner portals to get the highest possible leverage for your sales team.  When you "flip a lead" to the partner, you should be able to see what happened -- or more importantly, what didn't happen.  

You should be able to see at least parts of the partner's pipeline, so you can see if they are on track to making your number.  You need to be able to see what deals fell apart, or disappeared altogether.

You cat fix what you can't measure.  And most partner activities are like my son's room:  a mess that I'm not allowed to see.

Fix this.

Partners are part of what you bought your SFA / CRM system for.  SalesLogistix makes results happen by fixing all the little breakages that get in the way.

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