Pipeline Visibility

pipeline visibilityThe pipeline -- what could be more important?  It's your forecast, it's the basis for your bonus, it's your next board meeting.  SalesLogistix' principals have been working in forecasting and Sales Management since 1988.

Does your team still prepare the forecast by hand, with external spreadsheets?  Do you know how much time they're spending on this?  Do you have a repeatable process for your forecast that would stand up to Sarbanes-Oxley scrutiny?

Putting your forecast into the SFA / CRM system dramatically improves visibility into the pipeline, and helps you pinpoint problem deals before it's too late.  You can see the direct linkage between Sales Rep actions and progress towards deal closure.  You can see who has -- or hasn't -- been attending to action items.  

SalesLogistix specializes in improvements to the SFA / CRM system that make the sales reps actually want to use the system.  We eliminate the baloney, and add the things that a rep will immediately see as helping them do their job, manage their time, and close deals. 

We give the reps what they need to look more professional, credible, and responsive to the customer.  And we give Sales Management the visibility they need to work smart and allocate responses better.

Our SalesVision product gives you a push-button forecast, with up-to-the- minute accuracy.  SalesVision provides extensive metrics, report cards, historical comparisons, and drill-downs to the region and sales-rep level.   These analytics, in combination with your SFA / CRM records, give you everything you need to run account reviews, region reviews, and manage SPIF programs.

This is what you bought your SFA / CRM system for.  We make the results happen by fixing all the little breakages that get in the way.

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