Security and Compliance Best Practices

Your SFA and CRM system is a key corporate asset:  it can hold the contact information for all your prospects, all the details of your transactions, and the status of all your customers. This information is your business — you mustn't lose control of it.  The system may also have linkages to financial, ERP, and support data that must be kept confidential for regulatory compliance.

SalesLogistix always evaluates the security configuration of its clients' systems during the initial SFA assessment.  During the follow-on work, we tighten up the following areas of the system:

  • access control
  • rights
  • roles
  • profiles
  • sharing rules
  • administrative delegation
  • audit
  • backup and business continuity practices
  • compliance issues for HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, and EC regulations

For example, we make sure that system passwords have stringent requirements and "time out" every few weeks.  We make sure that people in the organization are able to see only the data they need to know, and can modify only the data they are responsible for.  We make sure that the system reflects your org chart in the field, and that partners are only able to see accounts and deals they are involved with.

This way, your data stays under your control, and your business processes can stand up to regulatory and legal scrutiny.

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