CAN-SPAM Compliance

Are you sure no more mails are going out?

The US Government's CAN-SPAM act, the no-call list, as well as requirements at the state level and in the European Union, require several practices for emails, faxes, and phone calls.  There are significant financial penalties for non-compliance -- up to $10,000 per incident for emails where the recipient has requested being taken off your list.

Similar fines are levied for faxes and phone calls, and one of our clients was included in a civil class action suit.  That's one of the reasons they came to us for help.

But even more important than the risk of a fine is the prospect of irritating prospects in the middle of the sales cycle, or of embarrassment in front of user groups who feel they've been spammed.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your SFA / CRM system has recorded all the unsubscribe and don't-call requests from all sources.  Virtually nobody gets this part right.  Typically, this information is spread across a half-dozen spreadsheets.

Secondly, you need to enforce the unsubscribe/do not call through all of your company's communication channels.  This means having everyone use the SFA / CRM system as the authoritative source of customer contact information.  It also means using preemptive mechanisms in the SFA / CRM system to preclude people from accidentally including the "opt outs" in any future mailing or fax blast.  The system's "opt out" checkbox isn't enough, and SalesLogistix has developed special technology to close all the loopholes.

Finally, you need to design your communications in such a way that they won't be perceived as spam.  This is a matter of list selection, filtering, mail messaging, template design, and clear opt-out mechanisms in each communication.  SalesLogistix has extensive experience in all phases of broadcast email and fax communications, and can design a straightforward process for you to work from.

The good news:  in avoiding all these negatives, you also end up with the ultimate positive:  communications that work, and are welcomed by your prospects.

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