SFA Tune-Up -- The Quick Win

SalesLogistix can do a quick system tune-up based on the results of a fixed-price assessment of your SFA system, usage patterns, and supporting business processes.  We troubleshoot the system and make quick fixes to the most obvious problems, such as:

  • Leads being routed to the wrong reps
  • Sales territory and roll-up problems
  • Lead, contact, account, and opportunity ownership issues
  • Forecast inaccuracies or credibility problems
  • "Disappearing" or duplicate data
  • Campaign naming
  • Bugs in Reports
  • Mismatches between your data model and your business process requirements
  • Security issues
  • Scalability / performance issues

While these fixes will not provide structural improvement (for example, ongoing data pollution), your team will see rapid results in usability and relevance of the system.

Most clients move from this first pass to deeper system and business process improvement, to streamline their operations and take them to the next level.

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