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In this article, you will discover a comprehensive comparison between two popular marketing platforms: GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels 2.0. If you’re looking for the ideal tool to enhance your online business, this article will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each platform. By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which platform suits your specific marketing needs. So, let’s begin our exploration and find out which one comes out on top in the GoHighLevel vs Clickfunnels 2.0 showdown!

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GoHighLevel Pricing

When it comes to pricing, GoHighLevel offers a range of plans to fit different business needs. The pricing starts at $99 per month for the “Starter” plan, which includes basic features like funnels and landing pages. The “Pro” plan, priced at $297 per month, offers additional features such as email marketing and SMS campaigns. For those who require more advanced functionalities, there is the “Agency” plan priced at $497 per month. This plan includes white-labeling options, CRM features, and the ability to manage multiple client accounts.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels also offers various pricing plans to cater to different business requirements. They have the “Startup” plan priced at $97 per month, which offers limited features and funnel creation. The “Etison Suite” plan, priced at $297 per month, includes unlimited funnels and an advanced set of features like email marketing automation and affiliate management. If you are an enterprise looking for a more customized solution, Clickfunnels offers the “Platinum” plan, priced at $697 per month.


GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel provides a robust set of features to help businesses streamline their marketing and sales processes. With GoHighLevel, you can create and manage funnels, landing pages, and websites easily. It also offers built-in email and SMS marketing capabilities, allowing you to effectively engage with your audience. Moreover, GoHighLevel provides a full-featured CRM system, providing you with a centralized platform to manage your leads and customers. Other notable features include appointment scheduling, social media posting, and integrated analytics.

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels is primarily known for its funnel building capabilities. It offers a drag-and-drop editor that enables you to create highly customized sales funnels without any coding knowledge. Clickfunnels also includes an email marketing platform, allowing you to send automated emails to your leads and customers. Additionally, Clickfunnels provides a membership site feature, allowing you to create exclusive content for your subscribers. Other features offered by Clickfunnels include order and upsell pages, A/B testing, and affiliate management.

GoHighLevel vs Clickfunnels Comparison

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User Interface

GoHighLevel User Interface

GoHighLevel boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and utilize the platform’s features. The dashboard provides a clear overview of your campaigns, funnels, and leads, allowing you to track your marketing efforts effectively. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create and customize your funnels and landing pages. The user interface is designed to be clean and visually appealing, providing a pleasant user experience.

Clickfunnels User Interface

Clickfunnels also offers a user-friendly interface that is designed to simplify the funnel building process. The dashboard provides an organized view of your funnels and allows for quick navigation between different sections. The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive, making it easy to customize your funnels and landing pages. Clickfunnels’ user interface is straightforward and streamlined, ensuring that users can easily navigate and utilize the platform’s features.

Customization Options

GoHighLevel Customization Options

With GoHighLevel, you have a wide range of customization options to create unique and tailored marketing assets. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize every aspect of your funnels, landing pages, and websites. You can choose from various templates and themes, or design your own from scratch. Additionally, GoHighLevel offers the ability to add custom CSS and HTML code for advanced customization.

Clickfunnels Customization Options

Clickfunnels also provides extensive customization options to ensure that your funnels and landing pages perfectly align with your brand. The drag-and-drop editor allows for easy customization of elements, colors, and layouts. Clickfunnels offers a wide selection of templates to choose from, or you can create your own designs. Furthermore, Clickfunnels allows you to add custom code snippets for advanced customization.

GoHighLevel vs Clickfunnels Comparison


GoHighLevel Templates

GoHighLevel offers a range of professionally designed templates that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. The templates cover various industries and funnel types, ensuring that you can find the right one for your business. The templates are aesthetically pleasing and optimized for conversion, saving you time and effort in designing your own funnels and landing pages.

Clickfunnels Templates

Clickfunnels also provides a vast library of templates that cater to different industries and funnel types. The templates are visually appealing and designed to convert visitors into customers. Clickfunnels regularly adds new templates to their collection, ensuring that you have access to fresh and modern designs. You can choose a template as a starting point and then customize it to match your brand and marketing objectives.


GoHighLevel Integrations

GoHighLevel offers seamless integrations with various third-party applications to enhance your marketing and sales capabilities. It integrates with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, allowing you to sync your leads and automate your email campaigns. Furthermore, it offers integrations with CRM systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce, providing a seamless flow of data between different platforms. GoHighLevel also integrates with Zapier, enabling you to connect with a wider array of apps.

Clickfunnels Integrations

Clickfunnels provides integrations with a range of third-party applications to help you streamline your marketing efforts. It integrates with popular email marketing tools like AWeber and GetResponse, allowing you to automate your email campaigns. Clickfunnels also integrates with payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal, facilitating smooth transaction processes. Additionally, it offers integrations with CRM systems like Infusionsoft and Ontraport, ensuring seamless data flow across platforms. Clickfunnels also has a Zapier integration for further integrations with various apps.

GoHighLevel vs Clickfunnels Comparison

Analytics and Tracking

GoHighLevel Analytics and Tracking

GoHighLevel offers built-in analytics and tracking features to monitor and optimize your marketing campaigns. It provides detailed insights into the performance of your funnels, landing pages, and websites, allowing you to identify areas for improvement. You can track metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and engagement levels to make data-driven decisions. GoHighLevel also offers integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to provide more comprehensive tracking capabilities.

Clickfunnels Analytics and Tracking

Clickfunnels also provides analytics and tracking features to help you measure the effectiveness of your funnels and marketing efforts. You can track metrics like conversion rates, average order value, and customer lifetime value. Clickfunnels’ built-in analytics dashboard provides a visual representation of your data, making it easy to analyze and optimize your sales funnels. Additionally, Clickfunnels integrates with third-party tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for deeper insights.

Customer Support

GoHighLevel Customer Support

GoHighLevel offers comprehensive customer support to ensure that users have a smooth and hassle-free experience. They provide email support, with a dedicated team that responds to inquiries promptly and efficiently. Additionally, GoHighLevel offers a knowledge base with step-by-step tutorials, FAQs, and informative articles to help users navigate the platform effectively. They also have an active community where users can connect, share insights, and seek assistance from fellow GoHighLevel users.

Clickfunnels Customer Support

Clickfunnels also prioritizes customer support and offers multiple channels for users to receive assistance. They provide email support for timely responses to queries and concerns. Clickfunnels also has an extensive knowledge base with detailed tutorials and guides to help users make the most of the platform’s features. Additionally, Clickfunnels hosts weekly live Q&A sessions to address user questions and also has an active Facebook community for users to connect and seek guidance.

GoHighLevel vs Clickfunnels Comparison

Community and Resources

GoHighLevel Community and Resources

GoHighLevel has a vibrant community where users can connect, collaborate, and share their experiences. They provide a private Facebook group where users can interact, seek advice, and learn from each other. GoHighLevel also hosts regular webinars and training sessions to educate users on various aspects of the platform. Furthermore, they have a blog and podcast where they share valuable insights and industry updates, ensuring that users have access to valuable resources.

Clickfunnels Community and Resources

Clickfunnels also fosters a strong community of users who can engage and support each other. They have an active Facebook group where users can ask questions, share strategies, and exchange ideas. Clickfunnels regularly organizes virtual and in-person events like Funnel Hacking Live, bringing the community together and providing valuable networking opportunities. Furthermore, Clickfunnels provides a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel to share educational content and keep users informed about the latest marketing trends.

Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons


  • Robust set of features including funnel building, email marketing, and CRM capabilities.
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Extensive customization options for funnels and landing pages.
  • Comprehensive analytics and tracking capabilities.
  • Active community and resources to support users.


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors.
  • Might have a steeper learning curve for beginners due to the wide range of features.

Clickfunnels Pros and Cons


  • Powerful funnel building capabilities with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Wide selection of professionally designed templates.
  • Integrations with various third-party tools for enhanced functionality.
  • Active community and resources for support and education.
  • Regularly updated features and functionalities.


  • Some users may find the pricing plans to be on the higher side.
  • The user interface can be overwhelming for newcomers.

In summary, both GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels offer comprehensive marketing and sales solutions, with their unique set of features and functionalities. The choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and preferences of your business. Consider factors like pricing, features, customization options, and community support when making your decision. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to evaluate them thoroughly to determine the optimal solution for your business.

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