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In the world of social media marketing, having a smooth post approval process is crucial to ensure that your content meets the standards and needs of your team. That’s where the new post approval flow in Social Planner comes in. With this feature, users can have their social posts reviewed and analyzed by another team member before they are scheduled and published. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of getting started with the post approval flow, including how to edit and apply an email template for the post approval email, as well as how to schedule a CSV file for approving bulk posts. With these tools at your disposal, you can streamline your social media content creation and ensure that it meets the approval of your team before it goes live.

Steps to get started with post approval flow

To get started with the post approval flow in Social Planner, follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Social Planner

First, you’ll need to navigate to the Marketing section in your platform and select Social Planner from the menu. This will bring you to the Social Planner dashboard where you can manage all your social media posts.

2. Create New Post by clicking the ‘New Post’ button

Once you’re in Social Planner, click on the ‘New Post’ button to create a new post. This will open up a form where you can enter the content of your post, add rich media such as images or videos, and include any relevant hashtags.

3. Schedule the post for approval

After you’ve created the post with all the necessary content, you can now schedule it for approval. This allows another team member to review and analyze the post before it gets published. To schedule for approval, simply click on the ‘Scheduled for Approval’ button.

4. Add the date and time for schedule

When scheduling the post for approval, make sure to specify the date and time you want the post to be scheduled for. This ensures that the reviewer can see the post at the designated time and provide feedback.

5. Choose the approver

Next, choose the team member who will be responsible for approving the post. This person will have the authority to decide whether the post gets scheduled in the social calendar or not.

6. Add an internal note

To provide more context or information about the post, you can add an internal note for the approver. This note can help the approver better understand the purpose or goals of the post and make an informed decision during the approval process.

7. Send the post for review

Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps, click on the ‘Send for Review’ button to initiate the review process. This will trigger an email notification to be sent to the approver, notifying them that a post is ready for their review.

8. Review, approve, or reject the post

The approver can now access the post in the ‘Approval’ tab of Social Planner. They will have the option to view, approve, or reject the post. By selecting the view option, they can see all the details of the post before making a decision.

9. Edit the content (if needed)

If the approver feels that some changes need to be made to the post, they can edit the content directly from the view screen. This allows them to customize the post according to their preferences or make any necessary adjustments for improved quality.

10. Approve or reject the post

After reviewing the post and making any necessary edits, the approver can then choose to either approve or reject the post. If the post is approved, it will be scheduled in the social calendar. If it is rejected, the user who created the post will be able to view the comment sent by the approver, providing them with feedback on how to improve the post.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement the post approval flow in Social Planner and ensure that your social media posts are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed before they are published.

Post Approval Flow in Social Planner

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Editing and applying an Email Template as the Post Approval Email

To customize the email template for the post approval flow, you can follow these steps:

1. Set the email for approval from Social Planner Settings

First, you’ll need to access the Social Planner Settings in your platform. From there, you can navigate to the email settings and locate the option to set the email for approval. This allows you to define the email template that will be used in the post approval flow.

2. Brand the email template

To customize the email template, visit the Marketing section of your platform and go to the Emails tab. From there, select Templates and then choose New to create a new email marketing template. Within the Template Library, locate the System Templates category and specifically look for the Social Planner: Post Approval template. This template is specifically designed for the post approval flow.

3. Edit the template to your liking

Once you’ve found the Social Planner: Post Approval template, you can edit it as you see fit. This includes adding your branding elements, such as your logo or color scheme, to ensure that the email template aligns with your company’s visual identity.

4. Apply the template to the Post Approval email flow

After customizing the email template, you can apply it to the post approval email flow in the Social Planner Settings. Access the Notifications section in the settings and look for the option to set up the email template for the Social Post Approval flow. Choose the email template you created or customized earlier, and save the changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively edit and apply an email template as the post approval email, ensuring that your communication with the approver is consistent and visually appealing.

Post Approval Flow in Social Planner

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How to schedule the CSV for Approving bulk posts?

If you need to schedule a large number of posts for approval, you can use the CSV import feature in Social Planner. Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a new CSV

To get started, click on the ‘New Post’ button in Social Planner. Instead of manually creating a single post, select the option to create a new CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. This file will contain all the necessary information for the bulk posts you want to schedule for approval.

2. Add the CSV file and select the social platforms

Once you’ve created the new CSV, you can add it to the system by uploading the file. This will import all the posts contained in the CSV into Social Planner. You will also need to select the social platforms where you want these posts to be published.

3. Select an Approver

As you upload the CSV file and specify the social platforms, you will also have the option to choose an Approver. This is the team member who will review and approve the bulk posts before they are scheduled on the social calendar.

4. Review and approve the posts

Once the posts from the CSV file are imported, they will be sent for review to the chosen Approver. The Approver can access these posts in the ‘Approval’ tab of Social Planner and review each one individually. They will have the option to approve or reject each post based on their assessment.

5. Schedule the approved posts

After the posts have been approved by the Approver, they can be scheduled on the social calendar. Social Planner will automatically assign the date and time for each post based on the scheduling preferences you’ve set. This allows for efficient and organized scheduling of bulk posts.

By following these steps, you can easily schedule a CSV for approving bulk posts, streamlining the process and saving time when it comes to managing a large volume of social media content.

In conclusion, the post approval flow in Social Planner is a valuable feature that allows you to ensure the quality and consistency of your social media posts. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively navigate this process, customize the approval email template, and streamline the scheduling of bulk posts. With these tools and techniques, you can enhance your social media marketing efforts and optimize your overall strategy.

Post Approval Flow in Social Planner

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